ISU Speed Skating Hub 2021

ISU Speed Skating Hub 2021

The ISU Council appointed a Working Group to elaborate and assess the possibility of holding a Hub concept in the Netherlands as an alternative to hosting the ISU World Cup Speed Skating Events that were cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although it was decided back in September 2020, that the implementation of the Hub Concept for ISU World Cup Speed Skating Competitions during the month of November and early December 2020 was premature, the Council concluded that in principle the Hub Concept is a valid option to achieve the objective to give Skaters the best possible opportunities to compete internationally provided that the health and safety of the participants can reasonably be ensured.

The option to hold a Hub Concept in early 2021 was evaluated and the Council decided it would be feasible to do so. As the ISU European Speed Skating Championships 2021 will be held in Heerenveen (NED), and the organizing Member is able and ready to implement the Hub concept, the Championships will be followed by two subsequent ISU World Cup Speed Skating competitions.

Following the announcement of November 13, 2020 that the initially scheduled Olympic Test Events in Beijing for the ISU disciplines will not be held during the ongoing season 2020/21, and a subsequent evaluation for an alternative date and location for the ISU World Speed Skating Championships 2021, the ISU Council agreed to move the Championships to Heerenveen (NED) and by doing so extending the Speed Skating Hub of the European Championships and two ISU World Cups Speed Skating.

The Speed Skating Hub 2021 will start on January 15 with the ISU European Speed Skating Championships, and will be followed by the ISU World Cup Speed Skating 1 on January 22, ISU World Cup Speed Skating 2 on January 29 and will finish with the ISU World Speed Skating Championships on February 11, 2021.

Within the framework of these 2020/21 ISU Events a “Competition Bubble“ (CB) will be created to create a safe environment for all, including Skaters, team staff, Officials, the Organizing Committee and all other persons involved in the Speed Skating Hub. All measures and rules set out in the “Health Regulations” represent measures and rules that complement those set out in the ISU’s document titled “Guidelines for ISU Events during the COVID-19 pandemic“ (“ISU Guidelines”). These regulations exclusively and specifically apply to the ISU Speed Skating Hub 2021 which will be held Heerenveen (NED).

For further details, read the Health Regulations for Participating Teams.