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The Virtual Events Toolkit Webinar Series launches on May 4, 2021 on the ISU  Development YouTube Channel!

This webinar series will focus on the practical applications of the Virtual Events Toolkit,  officially launched on January 28, 2021 on the ISU's eLearning platform. Each of the six webinars will give guidance to produce online events, education, and webinars to ISU stakeholders at all levels.

The Virtual Events Toolkit aims to help anyone interested in organizing a virtual event for educational and development purposes, and this webinar series will be offered for those who are interested in learning more on how to use the Toolkit. The content of the Toolkit will be explained in a dynamic and engaging way and real examples of the final product will be demonstrated by the group of experts who developed the Toolkit. 


Webinar 1: How to deliver an effective and engaging webinar

Presented by Dr. Sandra Williamson-Leadley, online learning instructional designer and practitioner and member of the Virtual Events Toolkit group. This first webinar will teach participants which techniques and strategies are effective in both a face-to-face meeting and a virtual webinar. It will also introduce us to some new strategies and tips to incorporate into online webinars.

When: May 4 at 14:00 EDT/ 20:00 CEST / 21:00 MSK / 03:00 JST (May 5)

Where: ISU Development YouTube Channel




Starting in May, every week a new webinar will take place following each section of the Virtual Events Toolkit! Save the dates below and stay tuned for further information.


Webinar 2: Digital Success Strategies for Skating

This webinar will demonstrate some practical solutions to set up your equipment at home in order to have the best possible experience during a virtual event.  Whether you are using a computer, tablet or phone or a combination of all these devices, you will find this webinar helpful.  We  will also cover some basic settings, disconnection strategies, as well as frequently asked questions.  This webinar will help you feel more comfortable as online opportunities expand. Presented by Elena Iñiguez de Heredia.

When: May 11, 2021 time TBC

Where: ISU Development YouTube Channel


Webinar 3:  How to host a Technical Panel Practice

You will be guided through the process of how to set up and run a Technical Panel practice session.  The materials you will need to prepare ahead of time will be outlined, as well as ideas on how to share materials, such as videos.  Step by step instructions will be given on how to enter the elements called into the online TP Practice sheet.  Some helpful tips for the online Technical Panel process will be demonstrated and how the process differs slightly from a live event. Different options for setting up the practice sessions will be included, such as breakout rooms for small group practice, mentoring and feedback or discussion of Technical Panel topics.  The potential for these practice sessions include preparation for a test or a practical examination, practice just prior to a live event, as well as TP Seminars with practice sessions. Presented by Christopher Stokes.

When: May 18, 2021 time TBC

Where: ISU Development YouTube Channel


Webinar 4: How to use the Toolkit Online Scoring System

The online scoring system is a scoring application that includes both judging and technical scores.  The scoring system can be used for virtual events such as domestic competitions, monitoring sessions, as well as trial judging sessions.  You will be guided on how to set up the system for your virtual event and how both Judges and Technical Panel enter their data.  Whether you plan to host a live event with scoring, an event with recorded videos or trial judging with a live streamed event, this webinar will show you how to use online scoring with your virtual event. Presented by Ariadna Negrete Morones.

When: May 24, 2021 time TBC

Where: ISU Development YouTube Channel


Webinar 5: Video Recording for Virtual Events

The basic equipment and setup needed to record a quality video will be demonstrated.  Some strategies and tips on how to film the skating, such as when and how to zoom in on the skater(s), will be discussed.  This webinar will be helpful for those who are asked to record skating for virtual tests, competitions or monitoring and feedback sessions. Presented by Luca Demattè.

When: June 1, 2021 time TBC

Where: ISU Development YouTube Channel


Webinar 6: How to host Virtual Events - Live or Submitted Videos

Thisfinal session will guide you through the process of hosting a virtual event, either with live skating or submitted videos. We will go over the four phases or event organization: design, planning, execution, and closing, focusing on the organizer’s management duties. You will learn everything that needs to be prepared before the event, such as settings, documents, and rehearsals, as well as all the production tasks that organizers need to take care of during the execution of the event. Presented by Elena Iñiguez de Heredia.

When: June 8, 2021 time TBC

Where: ISU Development YouTube Channel