Lausanne, Switzerland

The ISU Council met on June 15, 2020 via an online meeting.

The following were among the decisions taken by the Council during the meeting

  1. Full ISU Membership

  2. Definite allotment of ISU Championships season 2020/21

  3. Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating season 2020/21

  4. ISU Figure Skating Championships 2021 – Minimum Total Element Scores

  5. ISU Communication 2323 (Single & Pair Skating Scale of Values season 2020/21) and ISU Communication 2324 (Single & Pair Skating Levels of Difficulty and Guidelines for making Grade of Execution and Program Components Season 2020/21)

  6. Judges Draw – ISU Figure Skating Championships 2021


Read the full pdf ISU Communication 2332 for further details.