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The ISU Centers of Excellence (CoE) are pleased to announce that the “Keep Training!” series for Short Track and Speed Skaters continues with new courses this weekend on June 13 and 14, 2020 on Skating ISU YouTube Channel.


This weekend's classes include Dryland Training and Building Strength Away from the Oval with an Olympian and Professional Coach. You will find the full details below. 

It is a chance to join in with the skating community and share a special Live training moment and experience a professional athlete's workout, regardless of your level and geographical location. Some sessions may even include some surprise guests you will not want to miss.

Date & time (CET) Hosting CoE Hosting Coach / Professional Name of Exercise Equipment Required/Notes



Salt Lake City CoE

Mitch Whitmore - Three-time Olympian and Coach of the ISU Transition Program / FAST Team at the Utah Olympic Oval

Dryland Training Live



Calgary CoE 

Dustin Miller - Calagary Oval Coach and Former Elite Speed Skater

Dryland Training - Building Strength Away from the Oval Live

The series is part of the #UpAgain campaign. Visit the #UpAgain Page to find out more about the campaign and its initiatives.

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